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The Sultan Hassan Madrassa is the Islamic world's most memorable monument. If the Pyramids of Giza are the most astounding features of Ancient Egypt, Sultan Hassan Madrassa is that of Islamic Egypt. The founder of this gigantic monument is the Sultan Hassan, son of the great Mamluke Sultan Al-Nasser Mohamed Ibn Qalawoun. Sultan Hassan ruled twice, the first time in 1347, when he was 13 years old, only to be dethroned by the other Mamluke princes and generals. The second time was in 1356A.D, and before he had time to put an end to the power of the princes and high officials, they revolted against him, attacked by the chief of the army with other generals. It said that he escaped from the Citadel and hid in Cairo, but he was found and imprisoned, never to be seen again! Most probably he was murdered 16 years after his ascension to the throne. He left behind 10 sons and 6 daughters. The Sultan Hassan ordered that Prince Mohamed Ibn Baylik Al-Muhssani supervise the construction of this Madrassa in 1361A.D, and the work continued for 4 years. The Mosque was almost complete when Sultan Hassan disappeared, it is rumored he was killed. It was finished by one of his functionaries, Bashir Al-Gamdar. The site of the Madrassa was previously known as Souk Al-Khayl, or the Horses Market. The Madrassa was built of stones, but some internal parts and details were built of bricks, faced with stones.


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John Doe

Went there a few years ago loved it and I'm glad I have done this tour the tour guide we had was brilliant

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